Register of interests

I Councillor Angus Ross a Member of Royal Berkshire Fire Authority (the ‘Fire Authority’) declare that I have set out below under the appropriate headings the interests that I am required to disclose including those of my spouse/civil partner (or person with whom I am living as such) of which I am aware. These include any disclosable pecuniary interests under sections 29 to 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012. I have put 'none' where there no such interests under any heading.

1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation
Member Spouse
Corporation of London-Beadle None
2. Sponsorship
Payment, Provision or Financial Benefit received by Member Spouse
None None
3. Securities
Member Beneficial Interest in Securites of a Body Spouse
None None
4. Contracts
Member Spouse
None None
5. Land
Land in which Member holds a beneficial interest Spouse
1-4 Barkham Manor, RG41 4DQ 1-4 Barkham Manor, RG41 4DQ
6. Licences
Member Spouse
None None
7. Corporate Tenancies
Member Spouse
None None
8. Membership of other bodies
Details of membership to other bodies
Thames Valley Fire Control Joint Committee
Berkshire Local Nature Partnership
Local Access Forum- Mid and West Berkshire
Conservative Party
9. Declaration of Gifts and Hospitality
Gift/ Hospitality received from: Nature of Gift/Hospitality
None -